MinerWerks' Video List

Want list follows trade list. Make an offer even if you don't have anything on the list! Maybe you have something I might enjoy anyway (try to base that decision on the list, though). There are things I haven't added yet, particularly specials and shows recorded off TV throughout the mid 80s to mid 90s. If, based on what I have listed, you think I might have something, please ask.

Contact minerwerks@usa.net with offers or questions!

The Basics

All programs are rated on a scale of A to D.
Rating indicates quality of *source* material, not the copy that can be made from it.
I work in a professional video facility, so my grading tends to be more critical.
Sound quality is noted on an A or B grade programs only if noticably better or worse than the picture.
Grades are not lowered for source material not in Hi-Fi, *however*, a Hi-Fi or better source recording is designated by a pound sign (#).

An A+ will *only* designate a program which is commercially produced or an exceptionally good off-air recording.
A = good recording, possibly one generation from an original. May be a commercially produced program which suffers from a lower quality transfer or cheap duplication.
B = watchable material, two or three generations down, possible blurriness, noise, or color shift. Also applies to off-air recordings which were recorded in extended play or are marred by noise. May apply to a commercial product which has degraded over time and suffers from dropouts, tape damage, or audio breakup.
C = picture may break up, feature excessive noise, look excessively blurry, or feature washed out or bleeding color. This grade also applies to a program with distracting audio problems.
D = picture breaks up excessively, sound may be excessively noisy, blurriness may be distracting, noise may be excessive. Likely to be at least five generations removed, or one generation in the chain was excessively flawed.

 LTX - indicates a letterboxed version of a movie.
XTR - indicates an extra feature available

Trade List


I can also get a hold of many titles on laserdisc including special editions and imports.






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Contact minerwerks@usa.net with offers or questions!