MinerWerks' Sale List

All items are sold as is, please inquire about condition before buying!

Contact minerwerks@usa.net with offers or questions!

The Basics

All purchases must be paid for before I ship (checks must clear and so on). Please send a check or money order for payment - no cash, no credit. This protects you as well as me. All items shipped Priority Mail when available.

Shipping costs:
First item is $3 (three dollars), each additional item is 50 cents.
If you want posters, you must pay $1 (one dollar) for a tube, in which I would ship up to four posters. If you order past multiples of four posters (5, 9, 13, etc.), you must pay for another tube.

VHS Tapes (no widescreen versions) - $5 each

Audio Cassettes

Compact Discs

NO RISK CD Search Service

If you don't have time to look for that special compact disc or you haven't been able to find a CD, let me try for you! This is a no-risk, no obligation service.

How does it work?
All you do is send a list of CDs you are looking for (and the HIGHEST price you are willing to pay) to minerwerks@usa.net. The price limit is to give me a range to shop in - I don't want to end up with a $20 CD that you're only willing to pay $15 for. If I find a CD you're interested in, I will contact you with the price (which will include a small "finder's fee"). If I receive payment for the CD within two weeks, I will send you your disc. Please provie alternate means of contact in case Internet contact is unavailable.

How do you know I won't cheat you?
There's an honor system at work here. I'm not going to disappear - I'm putting my reputation on the line. Plus, you don't send any money unless I find a CD for you, so you have nothing to lose by trying. I'm doing this because I love to shop used CD bins and record shows. I know the thrill of finding that unusual disc that you have looked and looked for. I know you'd like that too - I'm not out to rip people off! If I can get something way below your price limit, I'm not going to automatically charge you an inflated price, either, so give it a try! Keep in mind that I can not GUARANTEE I can find a disc for you, but I will look!

Comic Books

Movie Posters

Coming soon is a whole big list of older and recent posters in various conditions. The older posters came from an actual theater storeroom and there are many odd titles! There are posters from the late 70s through the early 90s. Most are unusual titles - the big titles I had have been spoken for. There are a couple finds among the group still available, however, such as a Color Purple one-sheet with very little damage. The newer posters are from promotional giveaways and friends who worked in theaters. One of the posters I plan to sell is the lenticular hologram poster for The Santa Clause. Stay Tuned! Here are a couple big items you may want to consider in the meantime.


Star Trek:The Next Generation - Galoob - on blister card
Star Trek:The Next Generation - Playmates - first issues - 1992
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Contact minerwerks@usa.net with offers or questions!