How to Be a Movie Geek

Today's world is awash in entertainment news. You can eat, drink and breathe enteratainment. Of course, no matter how much you can do this, you can always do it better.

Every year, thousands of people head off to school to learn how to make movies. But how many of them actually get to make an actual movie, one that plays in a theater near you?

Hardly any!

Indie-movie success story Kevin Smith dropped out of film school. Smith believes that learning about filmmaking on your own - actually doing it - is the best way to become successful. We here at MinerWerks tend to agree.

Sure, the success stories of the seventies - Spielberg, Lucas, Coppola - came from film schools, but the film climate has changed. The age of the entrepreneur has opened doors to success for young filmmakers. Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith - these are our heroes. Heroes of the Movie Geeks.

What qualities define movie geeks? First, it's important to distinguish a "movie" geek from a "film" geek. More serious filmmakers will point out that most "product" that fills multiplexes falls under the banner of "movies" rather than "films." This second category is reserved for those works which aspire to treat film as an art. A "movie" geek can also be a "film" geek, but a "film" geek is not necessarily a "movie" geek. Get it?

We do not intend to suggest that one kind of film lover is better than another. We just want to make some distinctions clear.

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