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The Muffs' Page!
Semi-official home of L.A.'s best kept Merseybeat-punk-pop secret

The Goonies (Prototype)
A prototype for a site about Warner Bros. films, this site includessome of our best design and graphics work.

Assorted works related to the entertainment industry, with the MinerWerks twist.

Other MinerWerks WebLinks:

Interview with DVD producer David Britten Prior - Now online at DVDFile.com!

Access Media Group - Original site design by Derek Miner, main page still in use.

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In most browsers, you should be seeing a blue background with lighter 'wavy' patches. This pattern was created by me to simulate a pattern found onthe cover of the XTC album Skylarking .

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600 Starkey Rd.
Apartment # 302
Largo, FL 33771

Pasteurized Processed Link Section

Every site's got one of these - the obligatory links section! In addition to the lovely materials found in EntertainmentWerks, check out the following for maximum enjoyment.


Fans of Clerksand Chasing Amydirector Kevin Smith can rejoice at    both the official View Askew web site and the NewsAskew web site.     

DVD Fanatics can find copious amounts of news, information and general coolness at DVDFile.com and The Digital Bits.


The Ultimate Band List can find you dataabout your favorite artists all over the World Wide Web.  

The Official page for The Muffs, is called Muffstuff!


Comedy Central is home of some great television, including South Park, The Daily Showand WinBen Stein's Money.

Other Strange and Unusual Things

Visit those comic book curmudgeons Milk and Cheese!!  

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