The Rocky Horror Picture Show25th Anniversary DVD was relased on October 3,  2000.

Earlier this year, EntertainmentWerks campaigned for the features that the fans wanted most. Check out our coverage of the new DVD as well as the previous incarnations of Rocky Horroron home video.


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  • The Audio Controversy

  • Some fans cry "Fix the Sound!" Here's why, and the reason it should finally happen on DVD.

  • What Special Features?
  • So we got  a Rocky HorrorSpecial Edition already. Why another one? Plenty of  reasons.

    Other Special Reports

    Rocky  Horror DVD Producer David Britten Priortalks with EntertainmentWerks.

    Alien Legacy  producer David C. Fein talksabout his    Rockypast.                                          

    RHPS Sourcebook editor James Norman tells Rockyfans how to get it right.



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