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World/New Age

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The ultimate in 20th Century pop music. I was raised on 'em, and it all comes right back to John, Paul, George and Ringo, The Beatles! If you've never heard the Beatles, check out the 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 collections for some of the most sublime pop songs. They take on a life of their own. For some more intelectual thoughts on the Beatles, check out the book "Revolution In The Head," a critique of the Beatles' music and their times. This book expreses best the true impact of the Beatles as well as their lightning fast leaps in creativity that have not been matched by ANY modern artist.

"Nowhere Man"

Another sublime British pop band, who have been all over the spectrum. From their early days as hiccuping "punk" artists to their latest incarnation as pastoral pop master, XTC have made some of the most challenging and intelligent records of the eighties and nineties. Chief songwriter has an unparalleled talent for crafty, witty lyrics that never cease to amaze.

"Towers Of London"

They Might Be Giants
No, They Might Be Giants are not an agency practicing mind control experiments! They are not secret government agents sent to make you obey our every command. They Might Be Giants are John Linnell and John Flansburg of Brooklyn, New York... Their unique perspective and wit have been badly mimicked, but never matched. Deep meanings obscured behind simplistic lyrics...Basic observations couched in obscure references... Consitently smart and melodic, and very catchy. "Like so many things I can't understand, they left my teeth chattering for more!"

The Official They Might Be Giants Site
Destination Moon

The Muffs
I was quickly won over by this Los Angeles trio's singular mixture of Merseybeat pop with loud and fast punkish guitar playing. Writer/Singer Kim Shattuck borrows equally from the songbooks of The Beatles and Black Flag. Just enough of each to make things interesting.
The Muffs' Page!

Blonder And Blonder
"Sad Tomorrow"

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member MinerWerks.
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